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Universal Pop-up Drain Filter




Part of our sleek, Modern Luxury Faucets. If you’re worried about stray hairs or other bits getting down your drain and clogging it up, which means the water won’t go, simply put on this pop-up drain filter to prevent it.

The ultra-thin stainless-steel material is both strong and stylish with an elegant touch to boot!

Great Quality & Rust Free:

The drain stopper is mainly made of quality zinc alloy materials, anti-rust, anti-cracking, integral molding. Good rebound strength, quickly seal and drain water with a single press.

There is a large anti-slip pad under the bouncing core, which can match seamlessly with the sink drain hole under the action of water pressure. So, you don’t have to worry about sealing and drainage.

Perfect For Any Sink:

Our sink drains strainers can be used for 99% of sink drain holes. (Inner diameter 26mm-50mm (1.02inch-1.96inch)) No matter if it is Basin, Bathroom Sink Drains or Shower bathtub Drains, it can work with all.


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