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Outimo products are manufactured under the highest quality standards and craftsmanship.

Outimo guarantees that all the products will last a lifetime. Outimo provide lifetime limited warranties on both residential and commercial customers (varying on the product).

 Outimo company will repair or replace at free of cost during the applicable warranty period (30 days after receiving), any part or finish that is found to be defective in material and/or quality, under normal installation, use, and service. Outimo may decide to refund the purchase amount in exchange for the product’s return if repair or replacement is not possible. 

A qualified tradesperson must carry out installation and maintenance.

This warranty excludes misuse, abuse of the goods, and installation errors as causes of defects or damage.

Replacement parts cannot be removed or installed while under warranty; only parts are covered.

Warranty excludes consequential loss caused by defects in the product or its components.